Nashotah House

Founded in 1842 by a Missionary Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Nashotah House belongs to the Anglican tradition of worship, theology and spirituality. That is, Nashotah House traces her roots to the Church of England and locates herself within the worldwide Anglican Communion. Serving students from traditions as various as Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, charismatic and evangelical non-denominational, Nashotah House has seen that the Anglican tradition of spirituality and theology is extremely well-suited to form leaders of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in all her communities.

Nashotah House’s campus provides an atmosphere uncommonly conducive to spiritual reflection and recreation. Located on two lakes and surrounded by three hundred acres of land, Nashotah House is a beautiful backdrop for spiritual formation.

“Formation” is the byword at Nashotah House. Rather than educating her students for ministry, or training her students for ministry, Nashotah House forms her students for ministry. This is why, though we prize scholarship, the center of our common life is found, not in our classrooms, but in our chapel.

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Built in 1882, the Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin serves as our principal place of worship during the academic year and is our “school of the Lord’s service.” Worshipping in its choir every morning and evening, our community is formed by the discipline of the Daily Office and the Holy Eucharist, and our students share the honor of serving as our lectors, cantors, chalice bearers, preachers and officiants.

All the riches of catholic worship are enjoyed at Nashotah House, fully exploiting the Anglican wealth of hymnody, choral music and chant. Over the course of each academic year, our choirmaster exposes our students to most of the contents of the 1982 Hymnal while our chapel vicar arranges for the use of most of the liturgies offered in the Book of Common Prayer in both modern and traditional language. Said, sung and solemn services are observed in St. Mary’s Chapel, culminating each Thursday night in a sung or solemn celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Occasional services, including contemporary, contemplative and healing services, supplement our regular diet of worship.

Important as academics are to us, we know that unless a seminary education yields growth in faith, hope and love, theological discourse is an exercise in vanity. As important as worship is to Nashotah House, we know that the beauty of holiness can hardly be restricted to a chapel. It is realized, also, in the ordinary experience of life together in community.

Eating together, working together, studying together, and negotiating the challenges of fellowship together—these, too, are vital to our formation. That’s why, as other seminaries begin to de-emphasize or even eliminate their residential programs, Nashotah House continues to offer an intensive residential experience even to its cohorts of distance learning students. And that’s why the Sons and Daughters of the House, as well as their spouses and children, form relationships here which they continue to enjoy, and to which they can look for support, throughout their ministries.